Difference between Broad Match and Broad Match Modifier

Keywords match types for Adwords: Broad Match Keyword Phrase Match Keyword Exact Match Keyword Broad Match Modifier Keyword   Broad Match Modifier Ads may show on searches that contain the modified term (or close variations, but not synonyms), in any order. Denoted with a ‘+’ sign before the keyword(s), any search query with the keyword […]


Latest Google AdWords Updates – New AdWords features

Latest Google AdWords Updates: New features addition in AdWords AdWords helps you maximize your return on investment (ROI) by showing your ads more often on days when Search traffic is higher. Total daily cost of your campaign is more than your daily budget amount, that means your campaign is spending more of your budget on […]


Best Digital Marketing Channels

“Email is the best channel to directly reach potential customers and loyal supporters. Email marketing was third-to-last in difficulty, just ahead of website marketing (17 percent) and display ads (21 percent). Social media (48 percent) appears to be the most challenging marketing tactic to execute. Approximately 38 percent of marketers said that mobile marketing was […]